What Sets Us Apart

Roslovic Building Co. is an entrepreneurial builder. We continually work to find better ways to build, having better ideas and thinking from our clients perspective. Successful building projects are completed on time and on budget with quality that eliminates wasteful repairs in the years after completion. There are considerable risks in any building project. Our goal at Roslovic Building Co. is to minimize the risks for our clients as much as possible.  Here's how we do it.



Roslovic Building Co. has more than 40 years of construction experience building everything from specialty industrial projects to retail stores to multi-family residential properties to medical facilities. We structure our organization so that we utilize our collective knowledge base.   That translates into accurate estimates, workable schedules, and value engineering solutions.

Culture and Organization

Roslovic Building Co. has built a culture of personal responsibility.  Our staff is lean and our organizational structure is very flat.  There is no place to “pass the buck” or point fingers.  Without the bureaucracy found in larger companies, communication is easier and problems can be identified and resolved quickly.


Our clients tell us how they want to work with us to best meet their needs.  Some want to manage their projects closely on a daily basis and look for a “shoulder to shoulder” working partner.  Others do not have the time,  resources, or need to be so closely involved.  We provide you with our personal cell phone numbers so that you can call us 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. 

Local Roots

Roslovic Building Co. has been in the community for over four decades. We have long relationships with our clients, suppliers and sub-contractors.  We are invested in the local community and in our clients.

Family Values

We're proud to be a family owned business, because "family" means something to us. It means following the values taught to us by our father and founder, Nick Roslovic. Do a good job. Be fair with everyone. Take responsibility for problems. Success is a process.

Your success

The success of your project is important to us. We will get an understanding of your objective and goals of what you are planning. We will then apply our technical expertise to analyze the possibilities and create a successful building program.

We guide you

We will provide direction by analyzing the options regarding renovation, an addition, or new building with professional recommendations regarding costs, efficiency benefits and time frames.

Our teams expertise:

  • Conceptual cost estimates of your various options
  • Provide realistic time tables and schedules
  • Explore possible design options
  • Identify value engineering opportunities
  • Connect you to sources of funding
  • Provide information regarding tax and other incentives offered by state and local municipalities
  • Develop an overview of the building site and staging during constuction
  • Prepare bid packages

Value Engineering

Value engineering means we analyze your building plans to maximize the value of your dollars spent without sacrificing quality or schedules. Through each stage of the design process, we evaluate options, and recommend viable alternatives. Our recommendations are based upon detailed cost estimates, cost-benefit analysis, and timelines.


  • Stan Apseloff

    President, Ohio Distinctive Software

    "This is our first new corporate headquarters, and I was determined to hire a contractor who knew his job so I could concentrate on my own business. I enjoyed working with Roslovic Construction's core team of professionals. They saved me over 10 percent of my estimated building costs and opened my doors right on time. I would gladly work with them again, and would recommend them to anyone looking to build."
  • Geoff Richardson

    Hanson Pipe & Precast

    When Hanson Pipe & Precast wanted to rebuild their Columbus Pipe Plant, they called on Roslovic & Partners, Inc. to put together a design/build proposal for a new 63,000 square foot facility. Roslovic coordinated well with the owner's representative and the various pipe manufacturing equipment suppliers to put together the facility design and construction drawings in a timely fashion so that construction could begin on time. The construction started in early March and was substantially complete by mid-October. The first concrete pipe was produced on the new machinery in September with great success. Roslovic delivered the project on time and as originally quoted. They did a great job and I would recommend Roslovic to anyone needing a contractor with manufacturing expertise.

  • Bill Brewer

    Director of Construction, Tumbleweed Southwest Grill

    I wanted thank you and your firm for the "OUTSTANDING" project that was produced for us this winter in Dublin, Ohio. I enjoyed working with aggressive people that respond quickly to all issues. From the diligent preparation of a sound bid to the early selection of competent sub-contractors for critical areas, your team showed enthusiasm and expertise. Even with Tumbleweed's decision to accelerate the project turnover date, the project still met or exceeded our stringent standard at Tumbleweed, Inc. It was completed by the earlier date resulting in considerable business which would have been delayed without the proper management and communication techniques your team displayed. The entire project was a very positive experience, completed early, on budget, and with a top quality product delivered to our operating team. With these results it is not a difficult decision for Tumbleweed to continue to take advantage of this partnership in quality and to recommend Roslovic & Partners to any potential client.